[pjsip] Sending 481 response

Alexander Agranovsky alex at voxeo.com
Thu Nov 1 12:23:45 EDT 2007

Just noticed a scenario:

An endpoint sends CANCEL to freshly initialized PJSIP stack (say,  
after crash, debugger restart etc). PJSIP properly responds with 481.

Then, the endpoint proceeds to send BYE for the same call. This is  
pretty much invalid (since 481 has already been returned for  
transaction on the same dialog), however the point is -- PJSIP never  
responds to this BYE allowing for (and processing) a bunch of  
retransmissions. If 481 was sent as a response to these, the outcome  
would be better, IMHO.

Not a critical issue, of course, but would be interesting to know why  
the 481 is never sent for BYE?


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