[pjsip] Sending 481 response

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Sun Nov 4 06:33:32 EST 2007

Alexander Agranovsky wrote:
> Just noticed a scenario:
> An endpoint sends CANCEL to freshly initialized PJSIP stack (say,  
> after crash, debugger restart etc). PJSIP properly responds with 481.
> Then, the endpoint proceeds to send BYE for the same call. This is  
> pretty much invalid (since 481 has already been returned for  
> transaction on the same dialog), however the point is -- PJSIP never  
> responds to this BYE allowing for (and processing) a bunch of  
> retransmissions. If 481 was sent as a response to these, the outcome  
> would be better, IMHO.
> Not a critical issue, of course, but would be interesting to know why  
> the 481 is never sent for BYE?

In my test, 481 *is* returned for BYE outside any dialog. Maybe in 
your case, the BYE doesn't have a To tag?


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