[pjsip] Service-route overriding proxy

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Sun Nov 4 07:20:32 EST 2007

Sorry for not coming back to the list with the info. So yeah, for 
now I use the append approach, so the Service-Route will be appended 
to both outbound and account proxies. I prefer this one since it is 
simpler, no need to add new option, and it is somewhat backward 
compatible with existing config. But if it proves to be the wrong 
choice I'm willing to consider the alternative (adding 
--acc-outbound option).


Olivier Beytrison wrote:
> Sorry, nevermind my last mail, I should have check the svn before
> sending it.
> Thanks a lot Benny
> Olivier
> Benny Prijono a écrit :
>> Okay, thanks for the info.
>> So is appending Service-Route to existing/preconfigured route set 
>> the best approach? Any potential pitfalls with this? (I can't think 
>> of any).
>>   -benny

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