[pjsip] how to begin TLS in wm5.0

showsunday showsunday at 163.com
Sun Nov 4 07:22:35 EST 2007

hello ,benny
i want use OpenSSL in WM5.0 project based on PJSIP.
 i notice in PJSIP\pjsip\src\pjsip ,a file named "sip_transport_tls_ossl.c"has implemented the OpenSSL ,so ,i add the file in source files of pjsip_core_wince libraries project,then add PJSIP\pjsip\include\pjsip\sip_transport_tls.h in header files of pjsip_core_wince libraries project,complie successful.
how can i do use it in my project?
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