[pjsip] Using more than one ETH device

jorge.amador at withus.pt jorge.amador at withus.pt
Mon Nov 5 15:40:05 EST 2007

Hi Benny,

I changed to the 0.7.0 version and succeded adding udp transport on  
both eth devices. However when I try to lock one account to one  
transport and another account to another transport (each transport  
with different IP addresses and ports) it doesn't work. Both accounts  
get locked to the same transport and it is always the last transport  
that I configure. I'm using pjsua_acc_set_transport() with the account  
id that I want to lock to a transport id. Any idea of what is going  
wrong? Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards,

Jorge Amador

Quoting Benny Prijono <bennylp at pjsip.org>:

> jorge.amador at withus.pt wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm using pjsip in an equipment that as three Ethernet
>> devices each one with a IP address. I want to create 2 accounts for
>> Eth1, 2 accounts for Eth2 and none for Eth0, using the same PJSUA. Is
>> it possible?
> Not with 0.5.10.x, and maybe with 0.7 version (or probably the SVN
> version). In 0.7.x, there is an API to "lock" account to specific
> transport, with pjsua_acc_set_transport(). And since you can bind
> transport to a specific interface, effectively you can control which
> interface should be used by an account.
> cheers,
>   -benny
>> Thanks everyone,
>> Jorge Amador
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