[pjsip] wav memory record buffer problems

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Thu Nov 8 17:57:03 EST 2007

Hi Thomas,

WAV file information only exists in WAV player and recorder media 
port. For everything else, they work by manipulating the PCM samples 
directly based on the media format that is kept in pjmedia_port_info 
of the pjmedia_port. Your application should also do that.


Thomas Plotkowiak wrote:
> So how does the thing work if I use a microphone input instead of a wav 
> file and transfer that to the mem_recorder? Would that include some wav 
> header, or is there no possible solution to create a buffer that would 
> be filled from pjsip and read from another application? I know my 
> question might sound a little bit strange, asking why does he want to 
> use another sound application on-top. But i want to do some 3D 
> positioning of the sound, and thats only possible with a thirdparty 
> application.
> Thx, for helping me out benny,
> cheers
> thomas

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