[pjsip] Win32 build doesn't build because of stddef.h

Roland Klabunde roland.klabunde at freenet.de
Sat Nov 10 19:35:57 EST 2007

Benny, I already wanted to say three and a half postings before: Man, change 
your signature. Cod(ing) MUST be PAIN for you...:)

Of course, I'm with you. Close this topic..


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> Doesn't anyone else feel that this thread is getting way way much
> longer that it really should? I know everyone is keen to help, but
> instructions have been clearly given in the website, we don't need
> to repeat it here.
> IMO this discussion has less to do to pjsip, but rather more to do
> with applying pjsip build settings to your favorite IDE (which is
> not supported by pjsip anyway), so it's probably best to take it to
> the IDE's forum.
> cheers,
>  -benny
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