[pjsip] Win32 build doesn't build because of stddef.h

Eagle I Martin Baranski eagle3386 at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 11 02:40:41 EST 2007

2007/11/10, logan <logan04x at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Try wsock32.lib, look for it on your disk and include the path in your
> linker directories. If you can't find it then it's available with the MS
> Platform SDK.
> Thanks.

Hi Hitesh,

thanks for your hint - got it insert (although I additionally had to
insert the absolute path of the library into the linker's options,

So now, I only remain with 2 errors (instead of more than 50):

M:\pj-sip\pjlib\lib\libpjlib-i386-win32-vc8-debug.a(sock_bsd.o): In
function `pj_sock_socket':
M:/pj-sip/pjlib/src/pj/sock_bsd.c:347: undefined reference to `WSASocketA at 24'
M:\pj-sip\pjlib\lib\libpjlib-i386-win32-vc8-debug.a(guid_win32.o): In
function `pj_generate_unique_string':
M:/pj-sip/pjlib/src/pj/guid_win32.c:69: undefined reference to `CoCreateGuid at 4'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 8 seconds)
2 errors, 0 warnings


I'm just thinking that the GCC should be supported, because that's
definitely a better compiler than MS' one.. I'm saying this, because I
had to work with VS 2003 .NET some time ago and especially the linker
was pure pain to me.. It threw errors where GCC worked just fine - and
GCC is stricter than MS' linker..
And since the compiler works fine and the IDE does what it's meant to
be, I don't see any reason for switching over to the
Instead, IMHO it's more a putting-pjsip-into-a-gcc-compatible-form-stuff.. ;)


although this might be hard to understand, I want to say that this is
what makes me still saying "code is poetry" - all this hard work will
finally work and then, there's kind of silence and pleasure and what
I'm feeling in that moment is just awesome..
You know, that's this "still standing, fighting with the code and
finally win the battle"..

So, why close this topic as the final step is already in sight?

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