[pjsip] STUN & local call

logan logan04x at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 13:09:50 EST 2007

Hi Benny,

> But if you want to use private IP as you SIP address, that's also
> possible, but we'll need to use different approach. The problem with
> your approach is it's interacting with intimate details of pjsip, so
> it's not guaranteed to work in the future. A better approach is to
> specify your (private) IP address in the "public_addr" field of
> pjsua_transport_config, to tell pjsip to use this value instead of
> resolving the address with STUN. This technique will only work with
> 0.8.0 though.

Ahh, ok. Actually, I did try with the public_addr field but was having some 
issues (can't recollect what they were) as I was on version 0.7. I will try 
this out with 0.8 now.

Thanks a lot for the help and a wonderful, scalable library :). Great work, 

Best Regards,

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