[pjsip] Version 0.8.0 release

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Mon Nov 12 04:57:30 EST 2007

Hi Jackie,

thanks for asking this, as this probably has been causing some 

When 0.7 was released, it contains new features which are not 
backward compatible with 0.5.x, hence it was named as development 
version. But since then, the terms stable vs development have been 
causing quite some confusion, because in the end, the latest version 
are usually the one that is most stable, since it's the one that is 
actively maintained.

So I decided to call this branch off, at least for now, in favor of 
one version that should be good for everyone's use. Maybe we'll have 
it again when we have version 1.0. For now, lets use the 0.8.0 version.


Mimic hm wrote:
> Hi, Benny,
> I saw the version was the newest stable release version last 
> Friday.
> And 0.7.x was development version then. Now you release 0.8.0.  Is this the
> stable version or development version?  Which version should I use?
> Thanks!
> Jackie
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> Subject: [pjsip] Version 0.8.0 release
> Dear all,
> just want to announce the availability of version 0.8.0 from the
> download page. About the version numbering, since it's been a while
> (five months) since 0.7.0 was released, and considering many new
> features have been implemented since then (also this one has gone
> through quite some testing, well at least one week at Sipit must
> mean something), I thought I'd bumped up the version number a little
> bit.
> Please find information about this release in the download page as
> usual: http://www.pjsip.org/download.htm
> Thanks for all who had been contributing so far with questions,
> suggestions, comments, patches, etc. Those hopefully will make this
> version a better software than the last one.
> thanks again,
>   -benny

Benny Prijono

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