[pjsip] Using more than one ETH device

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Mon Nov 12 19:01:00 EST 2007

jorge.amador at withus.pt wrote:
> Hi Benny,
> I've changed to 0.8.0 version. Now I can bind an account to a specific 
> transport (in this case 2 different ethernet devices) but after checking 
> with ethereal I noticed that rtp transport is binded to only one off the 
> ethernet devices. I tried to create 2 rtp transports, one for each 
> ethernet device but failed with this error:
>  20:11:07.341  pjsua_media.c Unable to create RTP/RTCP socket: Cannot 
> assign requested address [status=120099]
> Is it possible to create 2 rtp transports with the same application? 
> Thanks and best regards

It is possible to use multiple RTP transports of course, since 
pjsua-lib supports multiple calls. Binding RTP transports to one 
specific interface is also supported.

Binding different RTP transports to different IP interface can also 
be done, but this requires application to pre-create the RTP 
transports itself, and give it to pjsua-lib by calling 

But what is not supported is, assigning specific RTP transport to 
specific accounts. Currently each RTP transport will be assigned to 
each call instance in the call array during pjsua-lib 
initialization, and there's no association between RTP transport and 
the account (since RTP transport can be used by any accounts).

So it's not possible to create specific RTP transport for specific 


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