[pjsip] Using more than one ETH device

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Tue Nov 13 11:19:48 EST 2007

jorge.amador at withus.pt wrote:
> Hi Benny,
> I created 2 rtp transports successfully, one each eth device. Now I have 
> a different problem. It seems to me that I can't have 2 calls at the 
> same time because only 1 stream is created. I checked the code and I 
> found a commentary in pjsua_media.c that says the following:
> /* Create media session info based on SDP parameters.
>  * We only support one stream per session at the moment
>  */
> Is only one RTP stream supported? Is it possible to have more?

Sure! Otherwise why would we bother to have the conference bridge if 
we only support 1 call? ;-)

The comment says "we can only support one stream per (media) 
*session*", meaning 1 stream per call. It does not support, e.g. 
audio and video streams on a single call, yet.

So there must be something wrong that you did that prevented 
pjsua-lib from creating the second call.


> Jorge Amador

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