[pjsip] accessing values of parsed 'Allow' header?

Anshuman S. Rawat arawat at 3clogic.com
Wed Nov 14 04:19:44 EST 2007

Hi All,

I need the results of parsed 'Allow' header i.e. names of supported methods. I see this function parse_hdr_allow() which returns a structure of type pjsip_allow_hdr type casted as pjsip_hdr. I fail to understand how do I access the 'count' and 'values' members of struct pjsip_allow_hdr as type casting to pjsip_hdr leaves no accessor to access these members ?

One way I see is to  type cast it back to pjsip_allow_hdr in my source to retrieve the results of parsing. Is there an accessor I am missing? 


PS: absence of REFER method in 'Allow' header neccessiates our 3PCC transfer requirement; this serves as our trigger
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