[pjsip] Error getting the conference signal level:

Thomas Plotkowiak plotti at gmx.net
Wed Nov 14 10:10:17 EST 2007

According to the api i should get a value between 0 and 255, when in use
this function but somehow it does only get set to 0, although i tested it
and the setting works fine, when I press - the sound gets muted, and when I
press + i can hear it again.

Some dummy initialization:

    unsigned rx_level = 99;
    unsigned tx_level = 99;
setup some conference on slot 1.

for (;;) {
    if (option[0] == '-')

    if (option[0] =='+')

    if (option[0] == 's'){
        status = pjsua_conf_get_signal_level(1, &tx_level, &rx_level);
        if (status != PJ_SUCCESS) error_exit("Error getting port volume",
        printf("%s%u", "RXLevel: ", rx_level);

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