[pjsip] Creating a Conference-MESH

Thomas Plotkowiak plotti at gmx.net
Wed Nov 14 11:58:34 EST 2007

A very basic problem but I struggle to find an elegant solution:

I have a couple of PCs I want to connect in a conference, I would like to
connect them in a mesh manner so speaking of:

A  ---  B
|    X    |
C ----  D

So everybody is connected to everybody and sends his microphone stream to
those and receives his microphone stream from those.
What I implemented so far was that each client holds a conference and each
incoming call is added to this conference, which works fine, but I have to
do the setup phase on each client manuall so  for example doing a  call from to and and so on...

So here my proposition for my way to "autoconfigure" this mesh:
Each client autoaccepts incoming calls and puts them into his conference.
Each client has a struct containing all IP adresses.
Each client tries to connect to all of those adresses, except:

a) his own one
b) the ones which he already accepted the incoming connection with.

How do i find out to which of those I am already connected?

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