[pjsip] playfile.c

Divya Quire dquire at telecore.com
Wed Nov 14 16:07:17 EST 2007



I am using playfile.c from the samples to play a wave file. Sometimes (once
every few 100 times or so) it doesn't work. It is waiting on a semaphore,
"sem_wait(&stream->semaphore)", in the "StartStream" function in the file


I have traced it a little bit further. It never returns from the loop,
"while(pollPlayback || pollCapture)", in the "PaOssStream_WaitForFrames"
function, as select(...) always returns because of a timeout rather than
writeFd (playbackFd) being available.


This case occurs randomly. 


I cross compiled the code for the arm. 


Any ideas what's the cause for this? And also how I might fix it?



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