[pjsip] Building pjsua as DLL

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Thu Nov 15 22:51:30 EST 2007

Thanks for testing it, Vali. I've committed the change in SVN.


Tomás Valenta wrote:
> Thank you, it does work! And it is smart. I could not find this because
> Intellisense keep telling me that the source is C++ (__cplusplus defined;
> I was playing only with this branch of macros) but it is compiled as ANSI C.
> Strange.
> Cheers
>     Vali
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> From: "Benny Prijono" <bennylp at pjsip.org>
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> Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 4:45 AM
> Subject: Re: [pjsip] Building pjsua as DLL
> Thanks for the info. Can I ask for a favor to try out these patch?
> What if instead of commenting out PJ_EXPORT_DEF_SPECIFIER, we change
> the PJ_DECL_NO_RETURN declaration in pj/config.h to something like this:
> #ifdef __cplusplus
> #  define PJ_DECL_NO_RETURN(type)   PJ_DECL(type) PJ_NORETURN
> #else
> #  define PJ_DECL_NO_RETURN(type)   PJ_NORETURN PJ_DECL(type)
> #endif
> Does this work for your DLL?
> If it does, I would prefer this approach since the empty
> PJ_EXPORT_DEF_SPECIFIER may not work for other platforms (such as
> Symbian, which IIRC expects the export specification in the
> definition rather than in declaration).
> cheers,
>   -benny

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