[pjsip] Usage Issue

Sukant sukant at peerme.com
Sat Nov 17 05:14:58 EST 2007

Hi everyone,


I have been trying to use the library, version

I am trying to use the sample executables:





The USAGE is what I think is my problem.

I am providing the following SIP address as my parameter to make a call to a
mobile phone:


sip:011919986037281 at voip.callture.com


The request fails with status: 408 REQUEST TIMED OUT error.


Can someone help me to use it? I tried to compile the library with my
application source in VC6. It compiles but I am not able to make any calls
to a phone number. My service provider is Callture.


I wish to use the pjsua lib to compile with my MFC application to be able to
use Call to Phone feature through my MFC UI.


Any help will be great. I am also looking for any SDK lib or dll that I can
use for this feature I wish to add to my application.


Thanks & Regards,




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