[pjsip] between PDA,loud noize

showsunday showsunday at 163.com
Tue Nov 20 06:43:16 EST 2007

thank for  you help ,but very depression,I can't resolve the problem.
but i found a interesting thing, when i mute a PDA,I can clearly hear the sound form the other PDA. but I don't konw why.

Perhaps It is caused by intense loop of echo.
It could happen when the distance between the two PDAs is relatively close.
So voice comes out from any PDA's speaker gets in to its own mic & peer's

If this is the case, you can try to enable echo surpression/cancelation,
or use earphone/handsfree, or put enough distance to avoid echo loop.


2007/11/17, showsunday <showsunday at 163.com>:
> hello ,every body
> I test my project base on PJSIP(between real WM 5 PDA), got loud noize,but
> when i test the project between a real PDA and a Emulator or between a real
> PDA and eyeBeam softPhone ,it's ok.  why?
> ps:test PDA (popod O2 830 ,Mio A701),
>     connect method:wifi
>     OS:windows XP sp2
>   thanks very much
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