[pjsip] pjsua getting wrong IP address

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Tue Nov 20 09:06:13 EST 2007

Hi all,

I'm having pretty weird behaviour in my application.
It was running with no problems until I decided to
move it from one machine to another. Now it gets a
wrong ip address to listen for incoming calls and
rtp/rtcp sockets. I'm using UDP transport and the api
version 0.8.0 downloaded from the site (not svn). It
gets one ip address that has nothing to do with my
machine or even the network... my network begins with
201.73.xxx and it is getting one ip from the network
200.139.xxx. The only relationship between them is
that my dns server is in the 200.139.xxx network, but
that I already had in my old machine (where the
application works fine). I still have the old machine
working, so I know that the application is working
fine in there and I also tested in different machines
and it works fine... just this one machine (the one
that I need) gives me some problems...

I tried to put the address in the
pjsua_transport_config, but it solved only half the
problem... Now it listens for incomming calls in the
correct ip, but the rtp/rtcp sockets are still in this
other ip. I've set both public_addr and bound_addr to
the ip of my machine (the 201.73.xxx). This wrong ip
(200.139.xxx) is not in my routing table or in any
other network configuration that I could find here...
just to make things clear, my dns server is in the
same network as this ip address (the wrong one) but it
is different, so the application is getting one IP
from I_dont_know_where... my machine is in a public
network directly, so it is not behind any firewall.

I'm running a debian etch (4.0) system.

all help is very welcome,

Thiago Paiva Flores

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