[pjsip] pjsua_config::thread_cnt - handling events

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Wed Nov 21 09:16:27 EST 2007


I'm doing some tests on one application that handles
several calls every second. The event of incoming call
takes a little long (around 1 second) because of some
mysql queries. So if I have too many call in one
second, the events build up and are serialized, so the
last call will wait for a long time before it gets
answered. I figured that this happens because the
events are handled in the same thread, so I made my
application print out the thread address with
pj_thread_this() to be sure. So I increased the value
pjsua_config::thread_cnt that was equal to 1. I put it
equal to 5, so I should have 5 threads handling events
now (If I am thinking correctly here...). If I test
the application sending many calls per second and
disable the database access (so there is almost no
delay any more) the events get handled by different
threads, but when I put the database access back (and
the delay), the events get handled only by one thread
and are all serialized again, so the problem
The same problem happens if I change the database
access to a simple sleep() of 1 second.

Is there any other configuration that I have to do? Or
did I get everything wrong and
pjsua_config::thread_cnt will not help me in any way?

I am using API 0.8.0 downloaded from the site (not
svn) running on a linux debian etch (4.0) system.

thanks a lot for all help,


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