[pjsip] Number of dialogs and transactions

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Thu Nov 22 00:11:38 EST 2007

Sergey Bakulin wrote:
> Hi Benny!
> I try to use PJSIP in the dialog level and want to control current 
> number of dialogs and transactions in the system. But definitions of 
> objects 'mod_ua' and 'mod_tsx_layer' are encapsulated within the files 
> sip_ua_layer.c and sip_transaction.c, and I haven't found functions 
> returning pj_hash_count(mod_ua.dlg_table) and 

That looks pretty easy to add, I can add these pretty quickly. Will 
something like pjsip_tsx_layer_get_tsx_cnt(void) and 
pjsip_ua_get_dlg_cnt(void) do it? I'm a bit unclear with what you 
said "want to control current number of dialogs"; somehow it implies 
that you want something else rather than just querying.


> pj_hash_count(mod_tsx_layer.htable). May I ask you to add appropriate 
> functions to the UA Layer and Transaction Layer APIs? Or instead maybe 
> slightly modify functions pjsip_ua_dump() and pjsip_tsx_layer_dump() so 
> that they will always return these "counts", but without printing 
> anything in case of false arguments.
> Many thanks,
> Sergey

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