[pjsip] registration problem using Public IP on Symbian

rams ran rammeth at yahoo.co.in
Fri Nov 23 05:09:25 EST 2007

Hi Benny,
  case1 pjsip ver8.0 on symbian is registered fine Using Private IP 
  case2 when i used a Public IP in pjsip ver 8.0 on symbian it is continuously registering and unregistering 
  In case1 i made a call from pjsip to expro client(PJSIP to expro) i got one way 
  i got the voice at pjsip side,but no voice at expro client side.
  In Case1 i made a call from pjsip to pjsip, no voice at both sides.but rtp flow is there

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