[pjsip] Linking Problems Visual Studio 2005 Express

Thomas Plotkowiak plotti at gmx.net
Sun Nov 25 11:36:17 EST 2007

Since I wanted to try out working on two computers on the project I tried to
complile my program on a visual express 2005 environment.

Pjsip 0.8 comiles normally without any problems. Installed directx 9 sdk and
the platform sdk, provided the directories etc..
I also set up the libraries to my programm including among all the others
the libportaudio lib and of course include all the lib directories and
include directories, also third_party/lib.

I am getting a very strange error though when compiling:

1>libportaudio-i386-win32-vc8-debug.lib(pa_win_ds.obj) : error LNK2019:
Verweis auf nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol "__imp__GetDesktopWindow at 0" in
Funktion "_InitOutputBuffer".

Maybe anyone can help me out here

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