[pjsip] PJSUA register fails with unregistration success since 0.8.0

Velthoen, Arie Arie.Velthoen at nec-philips.com
Tue Nov 27 11:10:43 EST 2007

Hi Benny,
With release 0.8.0 PJSUA regards the 200-OK response to a REGISTER as
"unregistration success" in my configuration.  With release 0.7.0 and
before this worked OK.
I found that the response is considered invalid, because the contact
header in the response differs from the one in the register: in the
register "transport=UDP" was included, but my Call-manager leaves this
out in the response.

See sip_reg.c - tsx_callback:  pjsip_uri_cmp(PJSIP_URI_IN_CONTACT_HDR,
I would expect that since UDP is default, transport=UDP need not be
present in the response.

What is your opinion?

Arie Velthoen

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