[pjsip] Assertion failure in sip_transaction.c

Michael Broughton Michael_Broughton at advanis.ca
Tue Nov 27 11:18:37 EST 2007

Perry Ismangil wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> While Benny is dealing with the technical stuff, your use of pjsip
> seems very interesting for other high-volume users. If it's not top
> secret, I wouldn't mind hearing more on such cases with tens of
> thousands of calls.
> Cheers,
Hi Perry,

I would say, the current situation is not at all ideal. Just due to time 
constraints I have been forced to use pjsua-lib and a custom python 
interface, neither of which seems to be very well suited to our 
application. But I have managed to get it working well enough to move 

We would like to be doing an order of magnitude more calls than we are 
currently, but in order to make this happen I believe we will have to 
move away from pjsua-lib.

Is there anything in particular that you are wondering about?

Michael Broughton, Advanis

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