[pjsip] pj_log_func differs from pjsua_logging_config.cb

Velthoen, Arie Arie.Velthoen at nec-philips.com
Wed Nov 28 07:22:50 EST 2007

Small remark:
The signature of pj_log_func differs from pjsua_logging_config.cb in the
3rd parameter:
typedef void pj_log_func(int level, const char *data, int len);


typedef struct pjsua_logging_config



    void  (*cb)(int level, const char *data, pj_size_t len);

} pjsua_logging_config;



I noticed this when I tried to capture also the initial logging from
pjsua_create() and pjsua_init() with my log_writer,

and got a compiler warning.



Best regards,


Arie Velthoen

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