[pjsip] Problem sound media on windows

Samuel Vinson samuelv at laposte.net
Thu Nov 29 02:59:01 EST 2007

Hi Benny,

I compiled pjsip (svn trunk) with visual express 2005.
I just changed in
the following line to use direct sound :

When I run pjsua_vc8d with this option
--play-file file.wav

I obtain this message :
 08:30:54.713   wav_player.c File player 'file.wav' created: 
samp.rate=22050, ch=1, bufsize=4KB, filesize=5977KB
 08:30:54.713  pjsua_media.c Unable to add file to conference bridge: 
Invalid operation (PJ_EINVALIDOP) [status=70013]
 08:30:54.729   pjsua_core.c Shutting down...

If I didn't define play-file option, and I make a new call, I obtain the 
following message :
 08:54:16.432   pjsua_call.c Unable to create media session: Invalid 
operation (PJ_EINVALIDOP) [status=70013]

before I can read in the log file :
 08:54:04.338       dsound.c DirectSound initialized, found 5 devices:
 08:54:04.338       dsound.c  dev_id 0: Pilote de capture audio 
principal  (in=2, out=2)
 08:54:04.338       dsound.c  dev_id 1: C-Media Rear Panel Audio  (in=0, 
 08:54:04.338       dsound.c  dev_id 2: Lecture sur modem n° 0 (émulé)  
(in=0, out=2)
 08:54:04.338       dsound.c  dev_id 3: C-Media Rear Panel Audio  (in=2, 
 08:54:04.338       dsound.c  dev_id 4: Enreg. sur modem n° 0 (émulé)  
(in=2, out=0)
 08:54:04.338          pjlib select() I/O Queue created (00CBCC0C)
 08:54:04.338   conference.c Creating conference bridge with 32 ports

I obtained the same messages with portaudio.

Do you have an idea to resolve my problem

Best regards


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