[pjsip] pjsua_call.c Timed-out trying to acquire PJSUA mutex (possibly system has deadlocked) in pjsua_call_get_conf_port()

tloginbr-pjsip at yahoo.com.br tloginbr-pjsip at yahoo.com.br
Thu Nov 29 13:27:56 EST 2007

Hi all,

I got the message in the subject when playing wavs to
a call from the EOF Callback. I already saw the thread
but my problem is a little bit different, the
application doesn't really deadlock, it just gives
that message in the debug (level 4) and
pjsua_call_get_conf_port() returns PJSUA_INVALID_ID
instead of the conference port. The thread that gets
this message is the "clock", thats handling the EOF
callback. This problem happens if the callback for
incoming calls takes a little long to finish (around
100 ms), and it happens even when there is no hangups,
like only incoming calls. I'm not using the pjsua
player, I'm creating it directly with pjmedia. 

Right now I'm keeping the conference port number
stored in a variable and I update it on every change
of media state, since the callback for media state is
handled by pjsua thread, and the problem is solved.

Is this the best solution? Is there a way out of this
without having to use timers?

Thanks for all help,


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