[pjsip] Question : PJSIP client with Asterisk or OPENSER SIP server

neoh kumyee kumyee_neoh at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 23:38:06 EDT 2007

Currently I'm developing VOIP System.
I'm using PJSIP API to develop a SIP softphone on Windows Mobile 5.0. 
Before that, I'm using OPENSER SIP server as server, everything works fine for registration, call... audio streaming.

For some reason, I need to change to asterisk as SIP server. When
server change the SIP client that developed from PJSIP works badly.

Here below is the description of structure:
- OPENSER/Asterisk is the SIP server that installed in linux behind  NAT A. 
- Desktop install X-lite  behind NAT A.
- Pocket PC install PJSIP SIP behind NAT B.

Following are problem i face during testing period:

Question 1:
1. Asterisk can be SIP server, SIP proxy?
2. Do I need OPENSER SIP server together with Asterisk. OR Asterisk  alone will be fine?

Question 2:
Here is the question regard registering the account to Asterisk.
- several account has created under sip.conf.

For X-lite:
 1. registration account is fine,  when i check asterisk with command "sip show peers" the host and port are listed with correct IP address and port.

2. when registering an account, the account registered successfully with an reply of 200 OK response message.
3. Yet when i check asterisk server with command "sip show peers" , the host and port are UNDEFINED. As a result when i call other SIP account, it was NOT FOUND message.

I don't have any ideal what course this issue....

Someone knows what happen around?
 Im' new to VOIP,  seeking some advice.


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