[pjsip] Log decoration (pjsua_reconfigure_logging())

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Sat Sep 8 21:38:28 EDT 2007

Hi Thiago,

actually I've replied to this mail too, but it didn't seem to make 
it to the list.  Anyway, these issues have been fixed in 

thanks for the report!


tloginbr-pjsip at yahoo.com.br wrote:
> Hi guys, I sent this message once already, but the
> list was in trouble and I don't know if it arrived, so
> sorry for repeating.
> I'm trying to change the log decoration, but it
> seems to stay the same... Calling
> pjsua_reconfigure_logging() changes some other
> parameters (level, filename...) but the decoration
> stays the same (the default settings). The same
> happens if I try to set the decoration sending it to
> pjsua_init() (that calls pjsua_reconfigure_logging()
> inside pjsua_core.c). If I set it directly with
> pj_log_set_decor() it works. I didn't see any calls to
> pj_log_set_decor() inside pjsua_reconfigure_logging(),
> not sure if its supposed to be there...
> And one other detail is that after I set it with
> pj_log_set_decor(), the month number shows july (and
> my computer date is set to August). Below is one
> example:
> 2007-07 29 10:09:44 pjsua_media.c RTP socket reachable
> at
> Is there any thing I'm doing wrong here? The code I'm
> using has the following lines:
> log_cfg.decor = PJ_LOG_HAS_YEAR | PJ_LOG_HAS_MONTH |
> pjstatus = pjsua_init(&cfg, &log_cfg, &media_cfg);
> thanks for any help,
> Thiago
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Benny Prijono

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