[pjsip] pjsip release 0.7

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Mon Sep 10 13:30:21 EDT 2007

Madhuri Patwardhan wrote:
> Hi,
> The pjsip release 0.7.0 is a development release. When
> is the "stable release" 0.7 expected? 

The 0.5 version is called stable because there won't be any new 
features added into it (only major bugs will be fixed), hence the 
API will be stable. So the term stable here is more related to 
features freeze rather than software crashes or bugs.

> What is a criteria to call it a stable release? I have
> an application based on 0.5.10 release and would like
> to use 0.7 release instead. I was just wondering about
> how stable 0.7 development release would be considered
> and if there are any issues what are those?

In term of crashes or bugs, 0.7 is much more "stable" than 0.5.x, so 
I suggest you switch to 0.7 as soon as possible. Bugs found in 0.7 
also will be fixed a lot faster.


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