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Hitesh Tewari htewari at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 11 14:49:24 EDT 2007


I am writing some test code using the pjsua API where I would like to start a call, and after a predetermined interval I would like to do a reinvite. Looking at the simple_pjsau and pjsua code I can make the initial call. However I am not sure how to go about passing in the call parameters to the following method:

pjsua_call_reivite(current_call, PJ_TRUE, NULL);

I cannot make out from the example code how the variable current_call is set when one has initiated the call and how the current call parameters are passed to the function call.

The reason for doing the reinvite is that the client is behind a NAT and the session is reset after a predetermined interval. The session is reestablished within 200ms or less but the client now has a new external port and this needs to be communicated to the SIP peer. I am assuming that the reinvite primitive allows me to do this, which in turn allows me to continue with the existing call. Is this possible to do?

Any suggestions or pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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