[pjsip] Call between WM5 devices

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Thu Sep 13 12:50:01 EDT 2007

Kishore Kumar Lenka wrote:
> Thanks a ton....
> I have following queries . Hope you will help me..
> Suppose I have my sip server (OnDo sip server from Brekeke)  running in my
> pc at
> I have to call from  "sip:" to  "sip:"  in this case
> do i need to add
> 1.
> #define SIP_DST_URI	"sip:" //where the sip server is
> running
> #define HAS_SIP_ACCOUNT		1	// 0 to disable registration
> #define SIP_DOMAIN	""
> #define SIP_REALM	"kishore" // Real Machine name (my system name)
> #define SIP_USER	"400"
> #define SIP_PASSWD	"1234"
> complile->put this application into my device->and start calling from one to
> other.

First you'll need to use version 0.7 from the SVN trunk (you 
mentioned earlier that you're using 0.5.10.x) so that you can put 
asterisk ("*") as the credential's realm.

Then use the setting below:

#define SIP_DOMAIN      ""
#define SIP_REALM       "*"  // only works with 0.7 from SVN trunk
#define SIP_USER        "400"
#define SIP_PASSWD      "1234"

Then as the destination URI, put:

#define SIP_DST_URI     "sip:500 at"

that is assuming that the other endpoint is registered to the proxy 
with username "500".

Btw, have a look at the link in http://pjsip.org/trac Wiki page for 
troubleshooting audio problems.


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