[pjsip] Touch tones

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Sun Sep 16 15:20:52 EDT 2007

Samuel Vinson wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like communicate with my voice mail. So I must send instructions 
> with numpad like :
>    1 to listen
>    2 to delete
>    3 to save
> How to do this with pjsip ? I test pjsua_call_dial_dtmf, but it isn't 
> the solution. I understood after test it. :-(

Any chance you can get what the error is?

There are two ways to send DTMF (with pjmedia), that is out-of-band 
with RFC 2833 and inband.

pjsua_call_dial_dtmf() will send DTMF out-of-band, so if it doesn't 
get to remote endpoint, maybe it expects inband DTMF.

To send inband DTMF:
   - create a tone generator (pjmedia_tonegen_create())
   - register the tone generator to the conference bridge
   - "connect" the tone generator to the call using
     pjsua_conf_connect() as usual.
   - dial the DTMF digit in the tone generator

Note that since your application only supports 1 call, you can 
create/register the tone generator during application startup and 
reuse it for each calls.


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