[pjsip] trouble authenticating

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Tue Sep 18 03:44:01 EDT 2007

Yes that's the problem. If you're using the recent version from svn trunk you can try with setting the realm to "*".

Benny Prijono

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Subject:	[pjsip] trouble authenticating
From:	Samuel Vinson <samuelv at laposte.net>
Date:		17/09/2007 21:09

I receive this following mail.
There are a problem in authentication's step. I think the problem becomes :
    realm="BroadWorks" in SvSIP realm="SIP_DOMAIN" (simplification of 
config file)

Do I have reason ?  


Great to see a SIP client for the DS, many thanks!

I'm having trouble authenticating, so I thought I'd share the reason
(and SvSIP log):

Response to initial (no auth) rego from SIP server to SvSIP:

SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP
From: <sip:12345678 at sip.provider.com>;tag=ffff00000002ff8a4374
To: <sip:87654321 at sip.provider.com>
Call-ID: ffff00000001ff8a4374
CSeq: 29728 REGISTER
WWW-Authenticate: DIGEST
Content-Length: 0

The result on SvSIP's end was:

22:29:53.000 sip_auth_clien Unable to set auth for tdta0x21e899c: can
not find credential for BroadWorks/DIGEST
22:29:53.000 pjsua_acc.c SIP registration error: No suitable credential
(PJSIP_ENOCREDENTIAL) [status=171101]

After which it just tried to call anyhow and went on to send the
Just for reference, Broadsoft (http://www.broadsoft.com 
is the creator
of an industrial-strength VoIP platform called BroadWorks, which is sold
to a number of commercial providers.
I think 'DIGEST' refers to bog standard digest authentication (that we
all know and love), but I'm not sure.

Is it possible to get a greater range of authentication protocols
defined in SvSIP at some point in the future? :)

Best of luck!

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