[pjsip] Pjsip working on Symbian!!

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Wed Sep 19 13:55:15 EDT 2007

Lalit Manchanda wrote:
> Hi Benny,
> First of congrats! the great piece of code you people have written is 
> finally working on Symbian too!! It required some effort from my friend 
> Amit here, and we will submit the changes we have done. Sound is both 
> way possible and no certificate is required for the same. Sound quality 
> using WiFi network on S60 device is quite good!

Wow! I don't know how Amir managed to get full-duplex sound when 
everybody at nokiaforum says it's impossible. That's very cool! I'm 
looking forward to see what you've done.

First Nintendo DS, and now Symbian fully works, all within a week, 
Christmas must have come early here at pjsip! :)

> We are trying to enable registration on pjsip with openims and it needs 
> a header for authentication. When the registration packet goes out it 
> has no autentication part, can you suggest where to look to enable it, 
> if its implemented?

Oh no, IMS strikes again.. It's not implemented since this is IMS 
specific and pjsip does not support IMS. We don't like anything 
that's not written by IETF. ;-)

The cleanest approach to this, perhaps, is to register a pjsip 
module to "sniff" outgoing SIP messages, and add Authorization 
header to initial REGISTER (or INVITE or whatever) when required.

pjsip_module framework has been described in PJSIP Dev Guide PDF.


> Thanks & Regds
> Lalit Manchanda

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