[pjsip] Pjsip working on Symbian!!

Lalit Manchanda Lalit.Manchanda at hsc.com
Thu Sep 20 10:19:23 EDT 2007

Hi Benny,

We need some time to put things in shape and we will submit the code for 

I was pleasently surprised to know that Authentication is working in pjsip 
without doing any changes, so on registration when challenge is sent it 
replies back with authentication info filled in! Probably There was some 
error at other end when we tried for the first time, 

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Amit Verma <Amit.Verma at hsc.com>
Re: [pjsip] Pjsip working on Symbian!!

Lalit Manchanda wrote:
> Hi Benny,
> First of congrats! the great piece of code you people have written is 
> finally working on Symbian too!! It required some effort from my friend 
> Amit here, and we will submit the changes we have done. Sound is both 
> way possible and no certificate is required for the same. Sound quality 
> using WiFi network on S60 device is quite good!

Wow! I don't know how Amir managed to get full-duplex sound when 
everybody at nokiaforum says it's impossible. That's very cool! I'm 
looking forward to see what you've done.

First Nintendo DS, and now Symbian fully works, all within a week, 
Christmas must have come early here at pjsip! :)

> We are trying to enable registration on pjsip with openims and it needs 
> a header for authentication. When the registration packet goes out it 
> has no autentication part, can you suggest where to look to enable it, 
> if its implemented?

Oh no, IMS strikes again.. It's not implemented since this is IMS 
specific and pjsip does not support IMS. We don't like anything 
that's not written by IETF. ;-)

The cleanest approach to this, perhaps, is to register a pjsip 
module to "sniff" outgoing SIP messages, and add Authorization 
header to initial REGISTER (or INVITE or whatever) when required.

pjsip_module framework has been described in PJSIP Dev Guide PDF.


> Thanks & Regds
> Lalit Manchanda

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