[pjsip] Example "Simple PJSUA" without soundcard

B. van Klinken b.vklinken at rohill.nl
Fri Sep 21 10:11:40 EDT 2007

Hello Benny,

Thanks, i had seen the pages already, but somehow it's not clear for me how
to realize the requested functionality (my problem).

I understood that i had to use a splitcomb.

I think that it must be for you only a couple of minutes and copy/paste to
modify the "Simple PJSUA", where it works with external data (e.g. store
info a memory bufer and read from another memory buffer.

When i have such an example, i think that this would be enough for me to
make our application.

So can you do that?

I think that such an example would also very useful to have on the website
so othr people can also see how this works.


B. van Klinken

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Just to help a little bit.

If you haven't done so, it will help to read the media port concept
in pjmedia, you can start here:

Related to this, there is another page that explains how media flows
between pjmedia components: http://pjsip.org/trac/wiki/media-flow

I hope that explains things a bit.


B. van Klinken wrote:
> OK thanks i will wait for your clean code.
> Note: it's no problem for if you send me "hack" version already now, then
> have already something to look at.

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