[pjsip] Custom Fields

Hitesh Tewari htewari at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 26 07:57:36 EDT 2007


We would like to carry some proprietary payment info in our initial INVITE message from the client to the proxy.
To do the same we are considering using one of the unused SDP fields or creating one of our own and
transporting the info within the same.

As we need to send the payment info periodically we are planning on making use of the UPDATE or re-INVITE
methods and sending an updated SDP to the proxy. At the proxy end we intend to make use of
an Asterisk server and be able to extract out the payment info field before forwarding the INVITE or UPDATE.

My question is that would this be a reasonable thing to do in PJSIP and Asterisk?
Any guidance from you would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your time.

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