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Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Wed Sep 26 17:19:36 EDT 2007

atik wrote:
> Hi,
> According RFC 2976, SIP INFO method carrying Account Balance
> Information ( correct me if i am wrong ) . you can add custom module
> to PJSIP to support SIP INFO method....( still SIP INFO is missing in
> the FAQ, but AFAIK, there is some answer from benny in the mailing
> list about how to add SIP INFO method )

Added http://www.pjsip.org/trac/wiki/FAQ#info-method

Thanks for the suggestion!


> AFAIK , asterisk doesn't send any account balance info since asterisk
> has no billing its own. May be you need to modify also asterisk
> chan_sip.c for supporting send accounts balance  with SIP INFO:)
> atik
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Benny Prijono

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