[pjsip] Porting to Maemo

Michael CHRISTOPHER pjsip at encambio.com
Tue Apr 1 17:18:18 EDT 2008


Has anyone tried porting pjsua(1) to the Maemo framework for
using it on Nokia handheld tablets? They run debian linux. I've
downloaded the latest SVN tree and built all libraries and utils
with '--enable-ssl' and '#define PJ_CONFIG_MINIMAL_SIZE' with no

Now comes the hard part, getting it to work. Registration, using
only gstreamer for audio, and tcp connection errors are the first
problems I see. I'm wondering if its worth the effort to port
portaudio to gstreamer (without OSS/ALSA) and debug the TCP
transport. The registrar problem could be easier, namely...

REGISTER: If a registrar successfully saves the AOR of pjsua(1) and
returns the expiry value in the 'Contact' header, pjsua(1) believes
that the registration failed, indicating an expiry of -1 in the UI.
It seems that pjsua(1) insists on seeing a separate 'Expiry' header.
The registrar I used to test this was OpenSER 1.3.1-tls.

I'll be happy to hear any opinions or experiences with such porting.


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