[pjsip] ReRegistration problem in pjsip

Michael CHRISTOPHER pjsip at encambio.com
Wed Apr 2 07:23:46 EDT 2008


An Wed, Apr 02, 2008, Benny PRIJONO schrieb:
>On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 6:00 AM, sre kdkjf wrote:
>Make sure that your registration succeeds, and enable STUN in your
>configuration. When STUN is enabled, PJSUA-LIB will send periodic keep
>alive packets to the server to keep NAT binding open. You could use
>shorter register interval to keep your NAT binding open, but using
>keep alive packets is lighter IMO.
How does one go about keeping the NAT binding open with TCP? I
believe the STUN logic in PJProject will not register over TCP
keeping with the STUN RFC, so when using TCP as a transport it
seems STUN must be switched off.


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