[pjsip] WinCE Sound Issues

rams rammeth at yahoo.co.in
Thu Apr 3 02:47:03 EDT 2008

  We worked on pjsip for windows mobile 5.0 previously and that time developed an application and we didnot face any sound problems.
  Now we want to develop a voip application using pjsip for a custom wince device and i used the pjsip libs which i got by building the pjsip for that wince device platform and used those libs and developed a simple application for this custom wince device.
  I am able to register successfully for a server , but i am unable to hear any sound when i made a call to mobile or any application in desktop like xlite.In this Case we are able to get the RTP data and we r using GSM Codec, but i am getting loud static noice in this call and in some other same type of device after initializing pjmedia itself i m getting this loud static noice.
  The processor which i m using in this wince device is Intel, ARM920T-PX
  do u think is there any probelm with the device ???
  Also after initializing pjstack if i try to play a wav file using PlaySound Function, i am unable to hear the sound and only after exiting from the pjstack only i can hear the sound . i am not sure whether its the problem with the sound card/driver of the device 
  please suggest us .

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