[pjsip] I want to integrate g729 with pjsip

Olle Frimanson olle.frimanson at keystream.se
Thu Apr 3 03:19:00 EDT 2008

Hi, we had the same problem and I don’t think ITU G729 of the shelf is
something you can use, it requires a lot of modifications and optimizations
to be useful. We used a commercial implementation and I think if you look
back at this list there are some post on Intel G729 implementation which is
fairly inexpensive.


If you are running on Win32 Voiceage have a free implementation, http://www.




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 I download itu g729b source code, and make some change of pjmedia-codec.

  now I run pjusa, and input "Cp", I can see the g729/800.


  But when I use pjusa with g729, there is no voice.


 So, who can help me or send me the g729 source code which can be integrated
with pjsip easily.






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