[pjsip] Fw:Fw:hold unhold problem

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Thu Apr 3 09:29:54 EDT 2008

 And in this function , thers are comments:
  /* We're risking accessing the port without holding any mutex.
     * It's possible that port is disconnected then destroyed while
     * we're trying to access it.
     * But in the name of performance, we'll try this approach until
     * someone complains when it crashes.
Is this a risk ?
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主题: Fw:hold unhold problem

 I search the pjmedia source code, and find where the problem is.
 In file sound_port.c, callback function: play_cb
    status = pjmedia_port_get_frame(port, &frame);
    if (status != PJ_SUCCESS)
       PJ_LOG(4,(THIS_FILE, "pjmedia_port_get_frame failed"));
       goto no_frame;
    if (frame.type != PJMEDIA_FRAME_TYPE_AUDIO)
     goto no_frame;
  After unhold, frame.type != PJMEDIA_FRAME_TYPE_AUDIO , 
  Who can solve this problem?
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主题: hold unhold problem

 I have successfully integrated voiceage g729 with pjsip. 
 But, there is a problem.
 A is pjusa,  B is another sip phone.
 A is talking with B,  B press hold key, then A start to listen to hold music.
 After a while, B press unhold key, music stop.
 Then B can hear A's voice, but A can not hear B's voice.
 What's the problem?

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