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hlzhangxt at 163.com hlzhangxt at 163.com
Sat Apr 5 22:32:15 EDT 2008

 And If pjusa enable vad, the hold music will be played badily, 
So I have disable it.
OSSPhone based on opensipstack has the same problem.
But it dosen't matter. Disable it is OK.
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主题: big bug in pjsip

 A is pjsip usa,  B is grandstream hardware ip phone. The Server is Asterisk.
 The Hold music is sent from asterisk.( /var/lib/asterisk/moh). 
 After asteirsk play on hold music to A(for example, B press hold key, or B transfter A to another phone), then A is easily(I mean, sometime a can hear, sometime A is deaf, and the possibilty that A is deaf is much more than that A can hear) to be deaf.
 But if I delete hold music files from linux, then asterisk can not find any hold music to play. Then everything is ok.(ie, the problem is that, if A listen to some sort of music, then A is easily to be deaf, not definetly,But usually)
 I also tried  sipek2, same problem exits.
 I have to make A to do unhold to resume normal.
 I also tried another opensource phone OSSPhone based on opensipstack, it has not this problem.

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