[pjsip] pjsip confsample does not work

Senthil Raja vsraja at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 6 04:28:48 EDT 2008

I tried to execute "confsample" from the pjsip samples and got the following error (see below). Could some one explain what this error means. FYI, the ininput file "welcome.wav" was created using "recfile" sample.


../pjproject-0.8.0/pjsip-apps/bin/samples/confsample-i686-pc-linux-gnu welcome.wav
 16:42:21.441 os_core_unix.c pjlib 0.8.0 for POSIX initialized
 16:42:21.462      pasound.c PortAudio sound library initialized, status=0
 16:42:21.469      pasound.c PortAudio host api count=1
 16:42:21.485      pasound.c Sound device count=1
 16:42:21.504          pjlib select() I/O Queue created (0x809121c)
 16:42:21.518   conference.c Creating conference bridge with 3 ports
 16:42:21.593      pasound.c Opened device /dev/dsp(OSS)//dev/dsp(OSS) for recording and playback, sample rate=44100, ch=1, bits=16, 882 samples per frame, input latency=23 ms, output latency=23 ms
 16:42:21.599      pasound.c Starting /dev/dsp stream..
 16:42:21.688      pasound.c Recorder thread started
 16:42:21.691 os_core_unix.c Info: possibly re-registering existing thread
 16:42:21.699      pasound.c Player thread started
 16:42:21.706      pasound.c Done, status=0
 16:42:21.708   conference.c Sound device successfully created for port 0
 16:42:21.710   wav_writer.c File writer 'confrecord.wav' created: samp.rate=44100, bufsize=4KB
 16:42:21.718   wav_player.c File player 'welcome.wav' created: samp.rate=44100, ch=2, bufsize=4KB, filesize=1188KB
confsample-i686-pc-linux-gnu: ../src/pjmedia/conference.c:678: pjmedia_conf_add_port: Assertion `!"Number of channels mismatch"' failed.

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