[pjsip] Symbian sisx file

Alex T. W. LEUNG alexleung at astri.org
Sun Apr 6 23:33:22 EDT 2008

Hi Scott,
I followed the tutorial and found no issues in compling and installing
sisx file into my device, which is a Nokia N82. On my device side, I
selected App. Manager -> Software Installation -> All. That seems to be
a good setting for me.

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I've gone through the (excellent) tutorial at
http://trac.pjsip.org/repos/wiki/DevelopingSymbianAppWithCarbide. I can
get the application to build but I can't get it to load in my device
(Nokia E61i). I've tried a couple signing options. When I self-sign
using Carbide I get the error "Can't open a protected application from
an untrusted source". When I try to sign using Symbian open signed I get
the message "Unable to install".

Note: I have Changed the settings on my device in App Manager in
Software Installation, from Signed only to All.

Any ideas?


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