[pjsip] newbie- pjsua command not found

c.savinovich at itntelecom.com c.savinovich at itntelecom.com
Mon Apr 7 09:22:16 EDT 2008

  Hello everyone. I really tried hard to research the cause of this one. 
Excuse me if this issue sounds so simple I shouldn't ask, but I can't
figure it out.  Downloaded the tar file 2 days ago, it compiled
beautifully, never got one warning.  It just did not create a command
file called pjsua as explained in the documentation.  there is a whole
bunch of files on the bin directories such as 
"pjsua-i686-pc-linux-gnu", but they give me
-bash:pjsua-i686-pc-linux-gnu command not found.

  I am using Suse enterprise edition.

 Very Best Regards
 King Dave

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